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This website is being developed by the Welsh Books Council as a comprehensive source of information about the book industry. Pages will be added regularly and existing information will be augmented and kept up-to-date. If you would like to suggest new topics for inclusion or if you wish to post details of your own business, please contact us. 

On the Welsh Books Council's corporate website www.books.wales you will find full details of our services and campaings and our www.gwales.com website allows you to search for information about books from Wales, and order securely online should you so wish.



Latest News


RYGBI - 13 Sep 2019

Rygbi;  the book that contains everything you need to know about the world of rugby, from how to play, iconic players, the World Cup, legendary teams as well as all the facts and figures to make us all excited about this wonderful and all-consuming game!

News item 12.9.19 - 12 Sep 2019

Developments at Gomer Press, BCW Response - 11 Sep 2019

The Books Council of Wales is aware of Gomer Press’s decision to stop commissioning new titles.

Books Council on the hunt for the new 'Gruffalo'

Books Council on the hunt for the new 'Gruffalo' - 10 Sep 2019

The Books Council of Wales are launching a new competition with the Urdd for the 2020 Eisteddfod.

Literary Medal 2019

Literary Medal 2019 - 7 Aug 2019

Rhiannon Ifans has been awarded the Literary Medal at the 2019 National Eisteddfod for her novel, ‘Ingrid’.